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Miami Seaquarium

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Welcoming visitors since 1955, the Miami Seaquarium is one of the oldest oceanariums in the United States. The site itself has significant local history in addition to its current status as an attraction, you might even have opportunity to meet some of the longstanding residents during your own visit.

Some of the wildlife on display here has arrived as a result of rehabilitation or re-homing where such return to the wild isn't possible. This includes a collection of sea turtles and manatees found injured in local waters. The Seaquarium is particularly popular with families and those with an affinity for ocean life.

Planning your trip

The site is achievable as a day trip from Miami and the Miami Beach area, while visitors to South Florida staying further north may want to plan their transportation well.

When you should go

Busiest during peak season in South Florida, December through March. But also during school holidays, which fall in the early summer months locally in Florida.

What else you might need

Tickets may be purchased in advance for general admission, but you can also purchase yours on arrival. Additional options for tours and activities beyond a general visit should be arranged in advance, such as any VIP experiences. There is a parking fee not associated with the cost of entry.

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