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Millennium Bridge

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The Millennium Bridge is officially known as the London Millennium Footbridge, owing to its function and the time at which it was originally opened to the public. When it was opened in 2000, there was an unexpected sway resulting from the subconscious synchronization of footsteps even among crowds of strangers! The bridge was closed within days and reopened in 2002 after additional supports were put in place.

The bridge's main feature on many itineraries is less a point of interest and more so a great connector to two other landmarks, St Paul's Cathedral and the galleries of Tate Modern.

Planning your trip

The Millennium Bridge might be an easy one to overlook when traveling from north to south from St Paul's. Harry Potter fans may recognize the bridge's film feature in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

When you should go

The bridge's architecture is not necessarily enough to draw visitors on dreary days, but when lit up at night the bridge really shines. No pun intended.

What else you might need

The bridge was built as a public pedestrian footpath, there may be restrictions for non-motorized transport, such as bikes and scooters, but you won't need any sort of ticket to cross the Thames here!

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