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The tourism arm of the non-profit Pacific Whale Foundation. The larger organization has been operating since 1980 and brings visitors to Maui together with local wildlife including dolphins, sea turtles, and, of course, whales!

The wider reach of the organization touches the lives of some 400,000 people each year and beyond Hawaii to Chile, Ecuador, and even Australia. You'll enjoy this tour option most if you want to see some of the local marine wildlife while contributing to the wider preservation of the marine environment around Hawaii and the Pacific.

Planning your trip

Cruise itineraries frequently include options for whale watching excursions when visiting Hawaii. If you're looking to support the Pacific Whale Foundation while enjoying one such excursion, you'll likely have to book it separately and make plans for transportation to and from the cruise terminal.

When you should go

Various tour options are available throughout the year. The official whale-watching season stretches mid-December through mid-May, making the winter months and early spring the best times to engage a tour and see some whales.

What else you might need

Book in advance for the best and most comfortable options to join a tour or to charter your private experience.

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