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Piraeus is almost a suburb of Athens, that's an "almost" when it comes to planning your cruise departure. The city itself provides an opportunity to explore the maritime life of the big city or just relax prior to embarkation. Be sure you're specific when requesting your accommodation in conjunction with an Athens pre-cruise stay.

If we're honest, most American and Canadian visitors to Greece will only spend a night or two in Piraeus as part of a cruise itinerary, owing to the great proximity to the cruise terminals.

Planning your trip

Only have a few hours to spend here in Piraeus before heading to the port for embarkation? Why not take a walk down the pier and enjoy browsing the truly grandiose yachts docked along the city's edge.

When you should go

Piraeus is busiest during the Mediterranean cruise season, roughly April through October but ship numbers vary.

What else you might need

You won't need any additional documentation to enter the city, but particularly for cruise passengers embarking in Piraeus, now may be the last chance you have to review your boarding passes or to print necessary documents.

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