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Royal Palm Galapagos

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The Royal Palm Galapagos is conveniently located between the airport at Baltra and the port town of Puerto Ayora, while allowing a bit more of a nature-themed escape as it lies on the border areas of Galapagos National Park. The private estate is a luxurious alternative to a stay in Quito or elsewhere as you enjoy a cruise of the Galapagos or an arranged tour to enjoy the island's exotic wildlife.

You'll enjoy this property if you're looking to explore the Galapagos on your own terms but those terms also include a well-appointed property with options for villas. It's a small resort on a big property.

Planning your trip

There's actually a lava tunnel on the estate and you can easily get away for the day to explore the culture & local landscapes which complement the wildlife.

If you're cruising the Galapagos Islands but want a little bit more of an independent experience in a pre or post-cruise extension, you'll struggle to find a more luxurious option on the islands. Plan your transit time accordingly between the hotel property and the cruise port.

As with cruises, you can extend your own travel independent of an arranged tour here or book one of the unique experiences offered by the hotel, such as glamping!

When you should go

In terms of planning practically, most people will visit as a local extension of an expedition cruise of the Galapagos Islands. In terms of seasonality, the warm season offers more opportunity to enjoy the sea. This property is inland and won't really bring you much added benefit in this respect.

What else you might need

In addition to a reservation and any tourist visas you require for Ecuador, visitors to the Galapagos Islands require a permit for arrival onto the islands. This is often included in your cruise fare or the cost of an organized tour, but should be considered if you're planning an independent visit.

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