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Sheldonian Theater

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Today, the Sheldonian Theater is a Grade I listed building and welcomes visitors to Oxford as one of the most instantly recognizable buildings. Interestingly, although a "theater", dramatic acts weren't held here until 2015, nearly 350 years after construction was completed!

The theater's attraction for many is its unique look and convenient location, but there's a rich history of music and Oxford University lectures to explore, too.

Planning your trip

Your admission includes the main theater, the attic, and the cupola. Expect about 30-60 minutes, getting the most from your experience by selecting the guided option.

When you should go

The theater is a small space and shouldn't take long to enjoy, consider pairing it with the Bodleian site next door and escape the crowd a little.

What else you might need

There is an entry fee for visits to the Theater itself, ranging from $5 for the self-guided option, up to about $10 for the more engaging, guided experience.

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