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We want you to be comfortable outside of your comfort zone!

Travel is all about new encounters and celebrating the unreal excitement of an unexpected new discovery! It's sometimes about embracing change. But what about when something doesn't quite go to plan?

At Odyssean Travel we do our very best to plan a robust itinerary for our clients. One which not only provides a safer road to travel success, but which will reduce stress while you're away from home.


That way you'll only have to worry about taking great pictures!


Unfortunately we can't plan for everything and sometimes unforeseen circumstances can alter even the best laid of plans...

We have license to advise and sell to residents of Ontario with our preferred policy administrators Manulife. If you're a resident of Canada but don't live in Ontario, let us know and we'll find you a licensed advisor in your home province or territory or simply send you a self-quote form!

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