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What's Your Travel Personality?

Top rated suggestions for your personal style in only 15 fun and easy multiple choice quiz questions!
1/15 You’ve got a long weekend off and you want to take a short trip, do you:
2/15 When something stresses you out on vacation, do you:
3/15 An online friend sends you a video on social media, do you find that you are:
4/15 Are you an avid reader, how many books do you get through each month?
5/15 Day to day, how active do you think you are?
6/15 You dropped your phone and it’s completely broken, it’s time to get a new one anyway, do you:
7/15 You’re on vacation and your day trip brings you to a fast-flowing river, do you:
8/15 You’re finished work early for the day. You have no plans and a few errands to run, do you:
9/15 Your friends and family have started eating healthy and hitting the gym, do you:
10/15 A new restaurant serving your favorite food just opened, when ordering do you:
11/11 You’ve got to make a tough choice at work, do you feel:
12/15 You’re walking the streets of a foreign city on your vacation and you stop to grab a bottle of water. You’re getting thirsty and you know it’s important to stay hydrated, do you:
13/15 Your neighbor tells you about their recent vacation, a big group trip with friends from college. You reflect on your own vacation coming up, do you feel:
14/15 You’re going on a cruise in a couple of days. Thinking about your packing, is it:
15/15 When you visit another country, do you:

Your trip style and suggested destinations!

Our top planning suggestions for your next trip!
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