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How long does it take to build a quote?

Our team aims to be as quick as possible to ensure you have the best chance to secure available rooms and experiences. That can mean a few days to turn around your quote request into a fully bookable itinerary, however it can take longer where availability is low or if you've shared a particularly complex vision for your trip! Your quote shouldn't take more than 7-10 business days, but you'll be notified if there's any unforeseen delay.

What is the STEP program and why is it important?

The US Department of State's Smarter Traveler Enrollment Program (S.T.E.P.) is an important part of protecting yourself and your travel companions while you're enjoying any vacation outside of the US. By registering a rough overview of your itinerary to the relevant consular affairs bureau, it is meant to result in quicker support for you if you need help with a lost or stolen passport. More critically, in the event of an emergency, your enrollment provides the local embassy or consulate with an increased awareness that you might be in need of support or care and where they should start looking if they need to contact you or to deliver assistance. Note that the program is available only to US citizens or nationals.

What currencies do you accept?

The vast majority of our trusted suppliers accept US$. If you're a US resident, we'll apply payments in US$. For residents of Canada, we're able to apply many payments in C$ and we'll strive to make it convenient and cost effective for you. If you're happy to expand our supplier search to include US$, however, you may find that your range of options and prevailing rates improves. Some of the best itineraries involve small, local suppliers at the furthest reaches of the globe. They're not always equipped to remit in your preferred currency and we may need to consider alternate payment methods to secure your experience. In any instance where there may be differing currencies involved you will be notified in advance and given all available opportunities to address your needs.

What is the STEP program equivalent for Canadian citizens?

The Government of Canada website for Canadian citizens wishing to register a trip abroad is found at this link here. Odyssean Travel is unfortunately no longer able to offer this service on behalf of our clients as it requires a personal login and the acceptance of specified privacy terms.

What does 4-Star or equivalent luxury boutique value mean?

We rely on internationally recognized hotel ratings systems to assess properties where we've not yet sent a client or where we can't find a source of first-hand experience among our team and wider network of trusted colleagues. Some destinations, however do not feature larger internationally recognized brands and the star rating system hasn't been applied by a trusted resource. For example, private residences of Mustique, extraordinary seaside villas in Santorini, or jungle lodges of Borneo. In such instances we look to confirm the services offered by the property might be the equivalent of a comperable property which does feature a recognized rating.

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