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Our story
Family Owned & Explorer Inspired


We’re a modern travel agency, serving a discerning clientele of passionate cruise & travel enthusiasts.

Our founder, Shy, opened the virtual doors in 2016 after more than a decade of living overseas and exploring the furthest reaches of the globe intimately, living like a local in Europe, Asia, and even Africa.

During this time his inspirations for helping others enjoy their own versions of life's adventures were countless, but always grounded in a bit of what he calls practical realities.

It's amazing to hear stories of people who give up their everyday lives, selling their possessions and uprooting themselves for new experiences in Southeast Asia or some other beautiful corner of the world.

But that's not realistic for everyone.

You might have kids in school, parents to care for or your own health concerns, for example. But there are a million reasons it just isn't practical or realistic to make such an extreme change.

That means making the most of your valuable vacation time.


Scratching further beneath the surface on a destination, enjoying a more impactful experience or finding the time to simply focus on the important people in your life just means planning well.

Thriving on the consistent success of our client experiences, we've grown and expanded our expert team of curious advisors. We've also built an online environment for people to share their experiences and start exploring a destination from the comfort of home.

More significantly, now that we're looking beyond the disruptive period of 2020 we've elected to work with a very limited few cruise lines and tour supplier businesses who've treated their clients with the most respect, who've engaged the best processes to safely return to sailing, and who we generally trust to provide you with the right support to enjoy an amazing vacation experience.

We hope you'll join us in 2021 and beyond, building a better normal in cruise & travel!

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