Our vision

To make this great big world feel like a smaller, friendlier place. To help people grow and appreciate new perspectives through the magic of travel.


Our story

"Odyssean", an adjective describing an experience to be not simply greater, but more eventful.

That's where our story starts, by tipping our hat to classic Greek mythology and the accompanying tales seemingly reserved for heroes and heroines. Although admittedly Odysseus (our namesake) didn't likely enjoy all of his travels, there were certainly some hardships and we can't help but wonder who his travel advisor was...

Flash forward to 2016, we opened for business as a way to help people mediate themselves from information overload and to bring back simpler times of planning for those who wanted to join us. We know there are sometimes less appealing aspects of travel, we came to exist to help combat this for a select group of like-minded travel enthusiasts; 


People who want to see more, to do more, to taste more, and who just want to blow their already open minds through the perspective-changing experiences which only result from travelling the world.


That's why we assembled a team with not only a great breadth of professional experience and industry qualifications, but with that same passion for just getting out and exploring the world around us. 


Want to meet the team? Learn more...

Now in our third year of business, there's a reason we're consistently rated 5-Star on Google and receive such amazing testimonials from our clients: We've sent hundreds of them to dozens of countries, where they've made unique memories of their own!

We've come so far, we've started our own Travel Society and we want you to get the exclusive Advantage which comes from being an Explorer in the Society.

About our travel services

In your mind right now is the outline of an incredible trip, but there's one thing standing in the way of you making some serious memories: The plan.


Whether it be conflicting information on popular review sites, shifting availability when selecting a cruise suite, or you just want someone to take the stress away and let you get on with the fun bits!

Now imagine having an experienced, qualified professional listen to your travel plans. Someone who will truly understand your wishes and concerns. Then, as if by magic, they turn your trip ideas into a unique itinerary and book it all on your behalf, so you and your travel companions can simply enjoy your adventure!

Give us a call or use our appointment booking tool below to schedule a 1-to-1 chat to see how we can work together, exploring your early trip ideas won't cost you anything but your time. 


Finding answers and advice for your trip plans is also complimentary in our Travel Forum, but when it comes to the itinerary itself, we're a value-add business. That means we charge a professional fee for planning and booking and so that you know we're serious about your trip's success.

We also offer a business travel service for our corporate clients, learn more by clicking here


While you're at it, you might also want to join our exclusive Travel Society and gain access to Advantages for your upcoming and future trips, it's like a loyalty reward but without the wait!

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