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I don't live in Canada or the United States, can I still become an Explorer?

We want you to have the best trip possible, which means knowing when we're not the best choice for you when planning & booking your trip. All the best things we can offer our clientele in terms of safe planning and a deep cultural understanding of likes and interests, our exclusive rates through contracting and appropriate licencing, our hours of operation to answer your questions in a timely manner... these services and more rely on our delivery to you being in the right region. For that reason, we do not take clients or participate in the planning and booking of cruise & travel for enthusiasts who live outside of the United States or Canada.

What are Explorers Only promotions?

We can help you secure most applicable offers through our trusted cruise & travel supplier partners, to help you find the widest variety of offers & upgrades. We even maintain a current Promotions page for that very purpose! But we go the extra mile for our Explorers with exclusive offers not available anywhere else, helping you find even more opportunities to enjoy more and find superior value during your trip with us.

Where can I find the full Terms & Conditions for my plan's subscription?

Please refer to our Travel Society Terms at the following link for full terms and conditions of your subscription and the redemption of any Advantages, or feel free to contact us if you're still not sure about a qualifying booking or anything else you might like to know! Refer to Terms here Contact us here

Explorer Plus

How do I get the fees waived for my trip planning & booking?

We want you to stress less in planning. We also want you to find better value when you participate in our Travel Society. By subscribing to an Explorer Plus plan, we're rewarding your commitment to great travel by waving the fees for 1-2 quotes totaling up to 16 days of planned travel requested during your plan's subscription period.

Explorer Elite

As an Explorer Elite member, can you arrange my dinner reservations?

We will absolutely arrange your dinner reservations while you're traveling with us! Just remember that the more advanced notice you can give us, the more choice you'll have in available dining options.

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