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Meet The Team


I'm the owner here at Odyssean Travel

My name is Shylar Bredewold, please call me Shy. It's a professional organization here at Odyssean Travel, but fun and exploration are at the heart of what I've been building. That means first names are great and we can spend more time focusing on all the great things you're going to see and do during your next vacation.


I'm the destination wedding & Caribbean specialist

A native of Jamaica, I have always had a thing for warm weather and natural beauty. I live in Ontario, a place that has come to be home since arriving here as a child. I enjoy travelling whenever and wherever possible as part of my long-fostered desire to the see the world.


I'm the team's specialist for Europe and South Asia, among other destinations

Travelling and exploring the world has always been my passion, from a young age I travelled extensively throughout the US and Canada – I’m originally a New Yorker.


I'm the team's East Asia and Disney & Orlando Specialist

Hi, I’m Rowena. Like much of the team here at Odyssean Travel, I don’t just have a passion for travel, I’m also originally from a place which greets many tourists each year - the Philippines! I’m the team’s East Asia and Orlando Parks specialist.


I'm the Regent Seven Seas Cruise specialist here at Odyssean Travel

Hi, my name is Aija, it’s pronounced like “hiya” but without the “h” sound. It’s a Latvian name, my parents were first generation Latvian Canadian and although I was born in Toronto, I can’t help but wonder if my European heritage somehow spurred me on to travel. While I fell in love with cruising, my travel journey started some years ago as a series of chance encounters made possible through travel, paving the way for some of the most significant experiences of my life.


I'm the Chief Fun Officer here at Odyssean Travel

Our resident fun seeker outer, Holly helps us during the selection and composition of our client content and generally makes sure we've got fun at the heart of everything it is we do!

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