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Norwegian Spirit

Norwegian Cruise Line
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Dress code

Dress codes with Norwegian are relatively casual and family friendly. Children under 12 may wear dress shorts in dining areas, for example. They also recommend appropriate clothing for youngsters who may be a little more sensitive to air conditioning in some public spaces of the vessel. While things are a bit more casual than some cruise lines, you’ll still need footwear and a top unless you’re swimming. Swim wear is, however, not an OK choice outside of the outdoor dining options. Expect casual dress for much of the rest of the itinerary, but note that tank tops for men, alongside any flip-flops, baseball caps, visors, overly faded or ripped/torn jeans or those worn below the hips are not allowed in any main or specialty dining. Formal dining and certain specialty restaurants may call for something a little more elegant, think country club casual but the men will still need closed toed shoes. Ask about themed nights during your specific sailing!


Norwegian now features a fleet-wide rate which varies depending on cabin category. For The Haven, Suites, and Concierge categories, a daily rate of US$18.00 per person per day applies. For Mini-Suites cabin categories and below, a rate of US$15.50 per person per day applies. Rates are applied to all passengers aged 3 and older.


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