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3 Top Dress Options for Your Destination Wedding

Updated: May 21, 2021

Choosing the perfect wedding dress is not an easy challenge. Picking the perfect dress for your destination wedding can mean a few additional considerations.

A couple celebrate their destination wedding in an over water villa in the Maldives
The perfect dress will leave you feeling fantastic while matching your personal style

If you're dreaming of walking the aisle in Mexico or the Caribbean, or surrounded by lush tropical shorelines of Hawaii or the Maldives, you might have to deal with hot temperatures and a bit of humidity. The last thing you want is to be melting when you say your "I do!"

Here are three of the top dress options for a destination wedding, helping you stress less and have more fun during your big day.


One of the major advantages to choosing an elegant yet simple beach dress is the huge assortment of colors and styles. You'll more easily find a dress that defines your personality and really matches the backdrop of a turquoise sea or a tropical sunset.

One of my personal favorites is vintage or 70s style white beach dresses. They make perfect destination wedding dresses because they are free-flowing, sensual, and look great on most body types.

A surprising number of people choose a beach wedding to elope. If it's just you and your partner, why not opt for something less formal while still beautiful and which looks amazing in your one of a kind photos!


A lot of brides opt for a bridesmaid dress if they are planning a destination wedding. Why, you ask? Because they are quite formal, but usually lighter to pack and instead of splurging on a traditional white gown you can share your budget with other items or experiences to celebrate your special day.

Many (but not all) airlines do allow wedding dresses as carry on and you'll be able to request use of an in-cabin locker to keep your dress from being folded up in an overhead.

These lockers aren't featured on all aircraft, however, and they are typically first come first served for anyone traveling with a bulky jacket or there may be other items already stored there. You can sidestep this issue with a less bulky bridesmaid dress!

Believe it or not, you can actually find cream and white bridesmaid dresses. Though there's no rule that says you have to wear white anymore, so don't be afraid of different colors or less traditional patterns either.

A beautiful blue, green or purple looks gorgeous with a beach backdrop. And no one will know it's a bridesmaid's dress unless you tell them.


Still want the fancy ball gown or traditional wedding dress, even though you are getting hitched on the beach? There are tons of excellent options out there.

Elegant wedding dress couple dressed formally for their beach wedding at a private island in the Maldives
This couple chose to go big and enjoyed a formal service in the Maldives

I suggest supporting local and checking out wedding dress shops in your area before jetting off to get married.

No matter what dress you end up choosing for your big day, keep in mind that the most important thing is to find something you feel fabulous wearing, fits your budget, and shows off your unique personal style. Stay true to you, and the results will be spectacular.

You've picked a date and now you've got some ideas for the prefect dress, have you thought about choosing the right destination to tie the knot?

Want a complimentary consultation with a certified Destination Weddings Specialist? Write or call to get started today (contact me).


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