Book a balcony for your own safety

Book a balcony for your own safety

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Many cruisers prefer the comfort of a mid-ship cabin, often paying a small premium for those complicated cabin codes least likely to feel the swell of the sea.

An obvious exception to this is during Alaskan or Norwegian fjord sailings, where the views outside the ship are the attraction and I tend to recommend a rear-facing suite to relax and watch the beautiful world glide by...

Earlier this month I took the excellent opportunity to attend CruiseWorld 2018 as a VIP under their STAR Program through Northstar Travel Media (thanks again!);

An intense week of credential gathering, networking & industry relationship building, and of course some first-hand experience on board a few vessels during inspections from Port Everglades and the Port of Miami.

No weather can stop a good time!

Inspired, I went against my own regular advice and thought I’d surprise my little wife with a short cruise to the Bahamas with Norwegian Cruise Lines. Note that my regular advice is not against booking Norwegian haha!

More so my advice is against booking last minute unless there’s some other aspect of life which has made it difficult to plan in advance. Thanks to technology, the last-minute deal is no more and instead choice is diminished.

If you really want that cabin, chances are high that thousands of others want it too and will be happy to claim it 12-18 months in advance.

Travel is better when we have the choices we want

If you've been following my blog or made a booking with Odyssean Travel, you'll know that I’m all about choice in travel.

How's the cruise industry doing with plastic waste these days?

So, going against my own sound advice as my wife, Holly had a rare few free days from work, I found one of the last remaining cabins on the Sky in an ocean view stateroom…

Only a week prior to my embarkation, during the Thursday night cocktail hour held by Odyssean Travel's own affiliate, Nexion Travel Group, I shared a conversation that might now be considered foreshadowing.

I could spend hours watching people wipe out on wave simulators

I was discussing modern onboard entertainment with a colleague at MSC Cruises when we touched on how, despite modern advances in ship building, the ocean itself remains the largest consideration when it comes to guest safety.

As mentioned, the waves themselves become more a nuisance or afterthought as people instead focus their attention to the onboard delights in dining and world class entertainment.

Safety is the top consideration on a cruise itinerary

Inclement weather might make it impossible to tender or even to call into port in some instances. The captain will perform his or her duty and delay the call to port or even cancel it if the forecast isn’t calling for an imminent change.

That's because safety is the paramount consideration for all guests on board any professionally operated vessel.

Our Friday night rocked for two reasons

It was a bit cloudy departing Miami on Friday and our first night really rocked, both in terms of movement and how much fun we had!

In our case, the weather led to an unscheduled day at sea on the Saturday. The ship barely held a perceptible sway but the crest of waves and 30-knot winds made it impossible to use the local tender boats.

The captain called it at 08.00 and in concert, the services and schedule on board had been turned around in print in less than 45 minutes!

Did you know you can now cruise with Sunwing?

My wife and I took this new opportunity to enjoy a few more beverages and to learn a bit more about the service staff and their own travels. What brought them aboard, how long they've been enjoying this vessel and others - what top tips and dining secrets we might learn about their home countries, scattered throughout the globe!

While everyone on board was kept thoroughly entertained, space around the pool was at a premium. We made fast friends with another couple from West Palm.

What does this mean for longer itineraries

During a longer itinerary which already features scheduled days at sea, a quiet place for a bit of privacy and a fresh sea breeze would go a long way to keeping the overall experience an incredible one!

We'll be booking balconies from here on in. Have to keep those vacation relaxation levels at an all-time high for when the unexpected occurs.

Tell us a bit about your last cruise experience or share a tip of your own. Better yet, get in touch now to learn more about getting the most out of your next cruise vacation.

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