Odyssean Travel Joins One Caribbean Family Ambassador Campaign

Odyssean Travel Joins One Caribbean Family Ambassador Campaign

Did you know that you can support hurricane-impacted islands by enjoying a vacation to areas of the Caribbean that were unaffected?

Help by simply taking your holiday - keep reading!

Here at Odyssean Travel, we've proudly signed on as One Caribbean Family Ambassadors.

Roughly 70% unaffected

That means we're committed to accuracy of information about the region, and to help travellers like you make informed decisions regarding your fall and winter travel plans.

Roughly 70 percent of destinations in the Caribbean were not impacted by recent hurricanes, including both Irma and Maria.

Are you getting accurate information?

We have pledged to share that message with our travellers as a way to support the region.

Thinking Caribbean travel? Roughly 30% of our clients do!

Travel to the Caribbean has proven to be extremely popular among our clients, all-inclusive packages to Cuba and the Dominican Republic in particular. We were also surprised with our own demographics as Saint Lucia has become our in-house honeymoon capital!

Not just the weather

Beyond simply escaping the seasons, our clients continue to share strong attachments to particular regions and the unbeatable vacation value seen across the islands.

We want to be sure everyone knows that the majority of the Caribbean is open for business.

One Caribbean Family

Odyssean Travel's travel agents are participating in the One Caribbean Family education and awareness campaign in conjunction with the Caribbean tourism industry to spread the word that many Caribbean islands are waiting to welcome visitors with open doors and open arms.

Show your support

In addition to an opportunity to enjoy fun in the sun, visiting unaffected areas in the Caribbean also helps to boost the economy of the entire region.

Can you think of a better way to help show your support? Talk about ultimate in mutually beneficial - help stabilize local economies while enjoying a relaxing vacation suitable for individuals or the whole family.

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The One Caribbean Family Ambassador program is being sponsored by our friends at Travel Leaders Group, one of North America’s largest travel companies, and the Caribbean Tourism Organization.

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