Update on the 2019 Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

Update on the 2019 Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

The Cherry Blossom Season or Sakura in Japan is almost upon us! This year's buds are predicted to arrive a little earlier than normal, that's according to both the 10 January and 24 January 2019 updates from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).

Although you should note that they were off by a day in 2018, just to share a bit of perspective haha

A popular time of year for locals and visitors alike

Even in the weeks running up to an individual season it can be difficult to predict the peak bloom or Hanami. That can mean a little guess work when planning a tour or cruise itinerary which can sell out many months in advance.

A new tax for international visitors to Japan, read more here

Peak blooms are a much anticipated phenomenon around the country, with a typical season rolling in from the west or southwest on through the more middle regions and arriving later to the northern island of Hokkaido in its grand finale. The process may be spread late March through the end of May.

When can I see the blooms this year, in 2019?

While the best resource for this is the strangely fun, yet complex Sakura page from Kinshou, I've included an image from their page which helps summarise visually and a brief table below to help navigate popular sites among prefecture names.

For popular cities and predicted blooms and peak blooms, I've put together a little table for convenience purposes. More information is available direct from Kinshou.

What we've gleaned from the JMA

Don't delay, if you're looking to arrange a visit for the 2019 season, contact us now to join a tour, board a cruise ship or just get yourself to Japan!

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