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Service Description

We'll try our best to provide a quote over the phone during your 30-minute session, but you'll need your departure date and destination or ship's itinerary to complete the query in the allotted time. We aren't always able to provide this information at the time of your call, for example where a group request is being made or where availability is waitlisted. Please remember, if you've not quite decided on a ship or destination or you're unsure when you'd like to go on your trip we may need some research & planning time to better help you. There may be a cost associated with the amount of planning required and a non-refundable deposit may be required before we can deliver a quote for you to further research on your own. Don't worry, as long as you book the trip you've requested before the quote expires, the deposit amount may be forwarded to your cruise or tour supplier toward the cost of your trip. You may want to make small changes to your itinerary, such as upgrading a cabin category or to modify the excursions or optional extras you'd like to enjoy during your trip. That's not a problem! Material changes such as a change of date, destination or ship is considered a new trip request.

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