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Train travel in
England, France, and Belgium

A great alternative to flying between London and Paris


Connecting London to Paris or Belgium via high speed rail, your overall journey time may be faster here than flying once your full journey time is accounted. Modern rail speed can exceed 300km/hr (185mph) and deliver passengers to the heart of their destination.

There are no sleeper cabins or cars on this train, the journey time is too short to merit overnight travel. As most journeys involve a trip through the Channel Tunnel, expect security to match that of an airport and that you should plan to arrive with sufficient time to arrange your baggage and security needs.

Class of Service

Business Premier

While the Business Premier was conceived for business travel, there are some benefits available to those who desire the additional comforts and considerations; an exclusive ticket gate with guaranteed boarding (except UK<>Netherlands routes), exclusive lounge access on board, and a designer 3-course meal to be enjoyed on the journey highlight just a few of the added perks.

Standard Premier

Arrive feeling refreshed having enjoyed the added space and comforts, including seated service of light snacks and drinks.


Representing the best value for those intent on simply exploring the next destination, there is a buffet bar coach where passengers may purchase snacks, meals, and refreshments on board.

Content is intended for information and planning purposes only. While we try our best to deliver accurate and current information, some items may not be as described. Please contact your Odyssean Travel advisor for further details.

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