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Art Deco Historic District

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One of the three unofficial districts of Miami and some of the most instantly recognizable real estate in South Beach. You just have to head south on Collins Ave day or night for cool lines and neon lights!

You don't have to be an architecture enthusiast to appreciate the style of construction here. Many people simply visit for the incredible proximity to the beach and the laid back local lifestyle only moments away from retail and dining of the neighborhood.

Planning your trip

Even if you've only got a few hours between disembarkation and your flight home, you might have enough time to swoop by South Beach and stretch you legs on the sand & take up some of the 20's era art deco for which the community is known.

You can walk the streets and enjoy the lights on your own, but there are a number of interesting guided experiences running to help you dive a bit deeper on the local history and significance of some of the buildings. There are nearly 1,000 historic buildings in the district, some famous for their inclusion in Hollywood films but others needing a bit of guidance to truly appreciate their significance.

When you should go

Day or night, 365 days a year. There's almost always a place to grab a drink and enjoy the sights.

What else you might need

You might get a better table with reservations at a popular restaurant if you show up a bit late in the day, but the whole district is pretty accessible and very pedestrian friendly. You won't need tickets or any entry fee to wander the neighborhood on your own.

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