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Cancún set the standard for vacationing in Mexico for a great many years and continues to provide excellent options for couples and families seeking beach & poolside fun or relaxation. The well-developed tourist areas feature world-class resorts but also easy access to a wide range of off-resort activities and attractions in a safe atmosphere.

Because it is so well developed, Cancún is a great choice for your vacation whether you're on your 100th trip or your 1st. A great selection of resort properties welcomes you.

Planning your trip

Best tours in Cancún? You might like to soak up a bit of history & culture during your time in Mexico, can't go wrong with a trip to see the pyramids. You might also plan to get out on the water with a fishing charter or a boat trip of some sort, try and get over to Cozumel for some snorkeling perhaps.

When you should go

Options for year-round visits are plentiful. The busy season extends from late December through March. There is another, smaller increase in visitor numbers during the summer months as families enjoy summer vacation in a more tropical setting. The sweet spot for your trip might be late November or early April for reduced visitor numbers while the likelihood of great weather remains high.

What else you might need

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