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We like to call it, "the biggest city no one's ever heard of". It's truly gigantic, technically the most populous municipal district in all of China with well over 30 million registered residents. "Registered" being significant in that there may be millions more unregistered!

The city is its own prefecture and enjoys a longstanding history with the British, although it is less pronounced today you may enjoy your visit to Chongqing for the history. More well-known for its cuisine than its colonial past, if you like spicy food then you'll fit right in. Note, the most winding, labyrinthine street and passages will likely be hiding the tastiest of treats.

Planning your trip

As above, depending on the length of your stay or the purpose of your visit, you may want to pair your visit to Chongqing with a stop in Chengdu. It's relatively convenient for a country of China's landmass, while giving you opportunity to visit the Giant Panda Breeding Facility during your visit to China!

When you should go

Like neighboring Chengdu, Chongqing can be roasting in the summer months. However, it's also only a short high-speed train ride away, meaning you can easily pair the two cities into your itinerary.

What else you might need

As an alternate to any Chinese tourist visa, a 72-hour transit visa does exist for those passing through Chongqing. Some strict rules apply and you should check in with your advisor or another trusted resource when it comes to planning any short visit. China's transit visas tend toward air passengers who hold onward tickets, not only can this come with some unexpected strings attached, but the requirement to bounce onward to another destination might severely limit your options for flying with a comfortable, reliable airline.

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