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One of the larger islands of Greece, it was an independent state up until 1913 when it formally joined Greece. One of the earliest human civilizations once resided here, among greener landscapes of the time. The Minoans have certainly left some interesting ruins for modern day discovery. Today, visitors enjoy the many beautiful beaches along with plenty of fresh seafood.

Crete life is definitely Greek life, but it's also a little unique. You'll enjoy your visit to Crete if you're interested in beaches but also over land access to other sights of a large island destination.

Planning your trip

Mix it up on your vacation to Crete and be sure you explore a few beaches as well as taking up some of the unique local culture. Be mindful that some beaches are pebble and not sand.

When you should go

Crete is a bit larger than the other islands of Greece and welcomes visitors throughout most of the year. Busy periods still align with those dates of smaller island destinations in Greece, however. Expect higher visitor numbers through the warmest months of summer, with an opportunity to enjoy the warm seas but reduced crowds in May or late September.

What else you might need

Crete was an independent nation until November of 1913 before joining with Greece following popular public opinion. American passport holders will need to plan for their visit as they would for any trip to Greece and the European Union's Schengen Zone.

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