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We know Florida as one of the best places to embark on a cruise adventure to the Caribbean and beyond! You might know it for the vibrant culture of South Florida, beaches on both coasts, the Florida Keys, theme parks, Everglades, and more...

There's a reason Florida is so popular as a tourist destination, there's an unbelievable variety of activities. From the historic Treasure Coast and St Augustine in the northeast, down to the Space Coast and the Kennedy Space Center, South Florida's cruise ports are only part of the story in Fort Lauderdale's "Venice of America" or vibrant Miami. The Florida Keys remain a bucket list destination for many, and we've not even touched on the Gulf Coast!

Planning your trip

Florida is probably best enjoyed on the water. That might be as simple as a snorkeling trip or a few hours' rental of a kayak or paddle board, but it might also include a yacht charter or a day of fishing.

You'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to cruising from Florida. We might simply offer a tip to fly into/out of Fort Lauderdale even for a Miami embarkation.

When you should go

Florida is a year-round destination, but does experience a high season and a low season. Expect more visitors during the cooler months elsewhere on the continent, from December through March. Summers can be down right hot and humid, with an influx of visitors from South America escaping their winter or families from elsewhere in the US enjoying summer school holidays. September is by far the lowest month for visitor numbers, but it accompanies the peak of hurricane season in the Caribbean - April through November.

What else you might need

As Florida is part of the United States, visitors holding a US passport may simply be limited by their day to day obligations, such as family life or work.

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