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Puerto Ayora

The most populous town in the Galapagos Islands and home to some of the main tourist attractions, such as the Charles Darwin Research Station and the main dock.

Practical matters for your tourism needs may be solved here, such as access to in-person banking, internet access via cafes, or dining and local arts & crafts via the main street, Avenida Charles Darwin.

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Planning Your Trip

Puerto Ayora hosts the main port areas for commercial cruise ships visiting the Galapagos, but you might also see some other unexpected guests seemingly ready for vacation - sea lions!

If your cruise or tour of the Galapagos doesn't already include the Charles Darwin Research Station, make sure you stop by to say "hi" to the resident giant tortoises.

When You Should Go

In terms of visitor numbers, July seems to be about the busiest month in Puerto Ayora, with smaller peaks in the season during January or September. If you're looking to escape the crowds, aim for November or December.

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