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Hard Rock Cafe Miami

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If you've never been to a Hard Rock Cafe, then you've probably never had a boozy shake or the Hard Rock take on a steak burger. The location in Bayside gives your inner music lover a chance to dine or have a cocktail in the heart of Miami's Biscayne Bay entertainment area.

With views over the harbor areas of Bayside, just off of PortMiami, music fans and those of the Hard Rock brand may appreciate a familiar haunt when it comes to dining near the Bayside Marketplace or a drink when the weather around Miami gets too hot!

Planning your trip

The location at Bayside is very convenient for access to or from PortMiami. A pre-cruise evening meal where you've planned your stay in the Bayside or Biscayne Park area, or even if you're staying Downtown Miami.

When you should go

Plan your visit like you'd plan your visit to Bayside, either around an event or celebration you've already planned or as a casual lunch hour option. Dinner makes more sense if you're staying local pre-cruise.

What else you might need

You may appreciate the convenience of advanced reservations for your dinner-time visit, possibly during the lunch hour. Absolutely necessary during an event.

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