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Las Vegas

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Quite possibly the entertainment capital of the world, Sin City has come a long way from the gambling & lounges of old. Expect world class shows, gourmet dining, fun cocktails, thrilling tourist attractions and great proximity to outdoor activities. Then of course there is the gaming! But don't forget that Las Vegas has been investing heavily in big league sports and now hosts a number of national level teams.

You'll love the options for a long weekend getaway with the girls or a boys' bachelor party. As mentioned, it's not just about young people throwing caution to the wind, if you enjoy luxury shopping or want to take in some captivating live entertainment with a significant other or even as part of a family celebration, Las Vegas might be the place for you! Oh, and there's the casino.

Planning your trip

As above, sporting events are storming the Vegas crowd. If you're not a first time visitor but haven't managed to escape the Strip, it might be time to explore the wider areas with a private tour outside the city limits.

Blue or Magic men of some description seem popular, but some of the most captivating shows now feature a Cirque du Soleil title or a famous residency of some description.

When you should go

Las Vegas is indeed a year-round destination, an all-day and night destination at that. If you can spare your vacation days mid-week you may have more options for upgrades.

An oasis among the deserts of Nevada, Vegas is h-o-t hot during the summer months. Many visitors are surprised when they visit during the winter months though, things never get cold but they do cool off in the evening hours. Pool season is also a thing, with most resorts closing their pools between October and March.

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