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We love London. As a destination it consistently delivers amazing experiences and an incredible concentration of world-renown landmarks for our clientele and other visitors. You can easily live out your childhood dreams of England's capital across Tower Bridge in the morning, high tea in the afternoon, punctuated by a visit to Buckingham Palace or a stroll along the South Bank section of the Jubilee Walkway.

The Square Mile was once the city centre's historic footprint, today it hosts many of the attractions visitors yearn to see. All over the capital you'll find complimentary access to galleries and museums, while the variety of local events on the calendar is near-overwhelming. Want to have a pint in a 300 year old pub?

Planning your trip

Cruising from Southampton? London's Heathrow Airport tends to be the main point of entry or exit, a journey by private transfer of about an hour to an hour and a half under good traffic conditions.

We've a few favorite galleries & museums we recommend to our clients, such as the Natural History Museum or the collection of Tate Galleries, but there are some great opportunities to enjoy modern takes on classic culture here, too. Consider high tea or a behind the scenes option so many millions of visitors overlook during their own stay in London.

When you should go

London is absolutely a destination you can visit at any time of year. The weather tends to be warmest and most favorable in late June through August, but that also typically means the biggest crowds. Temper this with the fact that London regularly receives more than 1.5 million international visitors each month! You might find late May and early June or September to be good candidates for comfortable weather while tourist numbers aren't quite as intense. If you plan well, with plenty of advance booking for the most sought after experiences, you shouldn't have a problem enjoying your visit at any time.

What else you might need

There isn't any sort of admission to the city, however if you're driving a rental car you should inquire about London's Congestion Charge - a fee intended to reduce traffic and which may need to be administered separately from your rental.

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