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Mallory Square

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Arguably the focal point of Key West's Old Town, the square welcomes most visitors by land or by sea, but also serves as an incredible spot to observe the sunset most evenings. Perhaps best enjoyed with a beverage, you'll find rum options served in whole coconuts or pineapples readily available if you didn't manage to make dinner reservations in time.

As mentioned, most visitors can't help but find themselves in the square. If you enjoy eclectic arts & crafts or a set of market stalls, you'll likely enjoy the retail. Who doesn't like a sunset cocktail hour?

Planning your trip

Stuck without reservations and nowhere to sit? No problem, there are usually beverage stalls set up to help you relax a bit during the sunset.

When you should go

Check your local weather app or trusted online resource for a daily report on the sunset. Then work yourself backward about an hour to ensure you've got a spot to sit.

What else you might need

Reservations or an early arrival will be necessary if you plan to be seated at one of the many restaurants near the square.

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