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Makena Cove

Also known as the "Secret Beach", Maui's (not quite) best kept secret is an incredibly picturesque spot popular for a romantic stroll or for couples seeking something extra special in their holiday memories. One of the top spots for proposals and wedding photography alike, but you won't need to be celebrating anything to really enjoy the scenery here. Peak wedding season can be expected between June and August.

The cove itself is rather small and rapidly losing its "secret" title as locals and visitors to Maui can be expected throughout the day. Despite the increase in popularity, facilities and nearby services such as food and drink are not readily available. This might be the top spot on Maui for a sunset photo, regardless how many people do or don't know about it!

Planning your trip

If you're visiting Maui as part of a cruise, remember that the beach here is a fair distance south from the cruise port at Kahului.

We're not sure Makena Cove features on any official tour, so you've got to plan your own way to Makena Beach and then walk the added distance south on the road, looking out for the hidden entrance. Exciting!

Do you have a specific experience in mind? If you're looking forward to enjoying something yourself, chances are that others will be, too! The best way to get the trip you really want is to book early.

When to go

As the cove is westward-facing, you'll find that it gets busier as the sun sets. Likewise, the cove's mystique and beauty has started attracting a larger volume of brides & grooms-to-be taking in a photo session on the sands. Arrive as early as you can to enjoy the most seclusions.

What documents do you need?

You should always visit your own government's travel portal for the latest and most up to date official advisories and recommendations when planning your trip. 

We'd also note that certain providers you may encounter during your trip may have additional requirements beyond those minimums suggested by your government travel portal, such as airlines. We typically suggest you travel with at least 6 months of additional validity beyond the date you intend to return home from your trip and at least 1-2 full blank pages.

We strongly suggest everyone travels with adequate travel insurance for the full duration of their trip.

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