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Even if you've never been to Saint Lucia, you'll likely recognize the image of the volcanic spires pushing forth out of the sea on the coast of Saint Lucia, near Sousfrière.

The two volcanic plugs are easily spotted by ship on your approach to the island, if you're visiting Saint Lucia they are a must-see attraction. Whether you climb them or snorkel in their shadow!

Planning your trip

Look out for a catamaran or other boating experience which will get you right in to the bay, permitting not only a great, picture-postcard view from the water but also an opportunity to snorkel or possibly even dive the waters at the foot.

A hike of the pitons can be challenging, but it is accessible to a variety of fitness levels. An ascent and descent in the same day is certainly achievable.

When you should go

The best time to visit the Pitons themselves depends on what you're intended activity might be. A leisurely boat trip can be enjoyed throughout daylight hours, while a hike might be better achieved in the earlier half of the day to avoid overheating and to ensure you've got time to descend.

It's warm in Saint Lucia. Climbing the Pitons won't likely put you into chilly mountain air but rather heat you up further during your active climb. Bring plenty of fluids.

What else you might need

Be aware that your hike must be accompanied by an experienced guide as among the local requirements in Saint Lucia.

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