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Santorini is one of the most photogenic places on earth, surely! This popular holiday hot spot hosts cruise passengers and guests enjoying a longer stay at any number of beautiful villages distributed across the island. Larger locales include Akrotiri in the south, through Thera (Fira/Thira) in the centre, all the way up to Oia (Ia) in the north. The island is not huge and may be traversed by bus or car easily, but during the high season may feature a surprising amount of traffic.

Outrageously popular with honeymooners and couples looking for a bit of romance, Santorini has plenty of appeal for families, too. If you're cruising the Eastern Mediterranean or the Greek Islands, it's a must on your itinerary. Look for vineyards and luxurious boutique accommodations for the best experience.

Planning your trip

If you're visiting by cruise, try to find an itinerary with more time ashore in Santorini, there's a lot to experience across a seemingly small island.

Make sure you try the local wine and find yourself a great seat for the spectacular sunset views over the caldera.

When you should go

Most people visit Santorini between April and October, with the summer months bringing the most visitors from Europe and beyond. The best hotels book up early.

Santorini in summer is hot and dry, with a breeze typically balancing out the humidity you'd otherwise expect at the seaside. Don't expect a lot of moisture or rainfall during the popular summer months.

What else you might need

If you're a cruise passenger or arriving by air via Athens, you will have cleared customs by the time you arrive in Santorini. Expect your Schengen visa duration to accumulate while you're here.

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