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The Bahamas

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A chain of more than 700 islands with its own unique heritage among Caribbean destinations. A staple among cruise itineraries, the proximity to Florida and the short flight time from the eastern half of Canada and the US makes it a popular spot for couples, families, and even destination weddings.

The Bahamas are a client favorite destination here at Odyssean Travel. It's no surprise as to why, in addition to the excellent options for accommodations, there's a wide variety of activities to enjoy when you're not lounging on the beach or relaxing by the pool.

Planning your trip

Many cruise itineraries feature The Bahamas as a call to port, with several of the most popular cruise lines even offering their own private island experience.

Not simply a matter of luxury amenities or which resort offer the most comfort, you'll have the safest experience if you stay on one of the upscale properties or in one of the trusted high-end boutique properties.

When you should go

The Bahamas remain most popular during the December through March period for those looking to escape the cold at home. Private islands operated by cruise lines operate throughout the year as well. Although the effects of Hurricane Season in the Caribbean may affect the islands at any time from April through November, it is at its peak in September. Some resorts take the slower September and October period as an opportunity to perform on-site renovations.

Warm weather throughout the year means you can plan probably plan your visit to celebrate during any month. The popular winter months might be most comfortable during the day time and represent the lowest volumes of rainfall.

What else you might need

In general, tourists from the US may visit The Bahamas without a visa. US passport holders may stay for up to 90 days. You may be required to show proof of onward travel and to fill out a landing card on arrival to The Bahamas.

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