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Trans Maldivian Airways

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One of the most recognizable seaplane transfer companies in the Maldives, there's a pretty good chance you'll fly with TMA to bounce onward from the airport to your luxury resort if you're beyond any of the atolls near Malé.

Unless your luxury resort is a reasonable distance by boat, you're pretty much obliged to transit via seaplane. You'll want to commit to a reputable company such as Trans Maldivian Airways, but you may find that your resort has made the selection on your behalf.

Planning your trip

When planning your vacation to the Maldives, remember that seaplane schedules are sometimes fixed or only operate once or twice daily to some destinations. That can sometimes mean an overnight in Malé or an early early early departure from your resort in order to perform the proper check in for your onward international flight. You'll typically only be permitted one piece of checked luggage per person, plan and pack well.

When you should go

As above, you're going to need this service outside of a very few islands & atolls nearer to Malé

What else you might need

Your seaplane transfer flights will likely be arranged by your resort in advance or as part of a package when booking with Odyssean Travel. We'll typically include this cost as part of any quote when building your dream vacation to the Maldives, however many of our competitors do not.

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