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Washington DC

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The Nation's Capitol and home to some incredible monuments and museums. You'll have ample opportunity to learn something new about this great nation and its people. Did you know that despite so many of the monuments and bearing his name, Washington never actually lived in DC?

DC is chock full of famous landmarks and hosts an incredible variety of leading museums & galleries. You'll love it if you enjoy history and educational travel, but the city's accessible nature makes it a great destination for anyone looking to just soak up the culture and casually enjoy themselves. Make sure you plan enough time for the Smithsonian collection of museums or prepare yourself for another visit in future!

Planning your trip

There's an awful lot to see and do here, you'll easily fill an itinerary with memorable experiences. Some of the most sought after do require a bit of preparation, such as a tour of the White House which must be secured no less than 3 weeks in advance.

When you should go

DC is a destination you can enjoy throughout the year. You'll find the streets to be a bit busier during the warmer summer months and during school holidays. The parks really come to life in the early spring if you can time your arrival with the cherry blossoms.

What else you might need

You won't need any special documentation to visit DC, many of the most well-known landmarks and museums don't feature any sort of ticket or entry either.

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