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A new platform for Travel Pros

Hi, my name is Shy! Just like you I'm a Travel Professional and perhaps just like you, I turned to social media to grow my travel business. In fact, I spent so much of my time and energy mastering Mark Z's platforms I won Nexion Travel Group's Social Media Pro award in September of 2019! 

And maybe just like you I found that despite my efforts and the appearance of success, I wasn't actually growing my client list. I couldn't pay the bills with "likes" and "follows".

In October of 2019, I turned it all off. Instead realizing that our amazing, collaborative industry needs a new platform. Something which takes inspiration from the best bits of early FB and which allows seasoned experts like you to share your insight and actually get found on the internet by people looking to plan a trip.

Innovative Tools & Amazing Opportunities

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  • DIY Lead Generation

    Grow your business with FREE tools and resources
    Free Plan
    • Grow your business with innovative marketing tools
    • Write guides and compete with TripAdvisor, Fodor's & others
    • Save money by improving engagement with existing clients
    • Grow your audience on a dedicated luxury travel platform
    • Access exclusive "How To" content tailored for travel agents
    • Tools & Resources to become a leading Travel Influencer
    • Build your authority, position your content as the expert
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    Agent Marketing Pro

    Every month
    Tools & Resources to UPGRADE your online presence
    • Everything in DIY Lead Generation
    • Enhanced member profile with Call to Action (CTA)
    • Link your visitors back to your Facebook profile or Group
    • Help claiming & setting up your Google my Business Profile
    • Alert prospective clients to your expertise with a badge
    • Accelerate your marketing, access the private "Create" forum
    • Easily connect with real Travel Influencers
    • Enhanced public profile to help funnel web traffic
    • Exclusive invites to online events
    • Access industry insights

You will be billed each month automatically for all paid subscriptions. No subscription guarantees success. Some subscriptions come with additional annual fees or tools & resources made available may not be universally available to you without additional costs, such as third party services. Services are only available to residents of the United States.

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