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5 Most Romantic Beaches in Maui

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

There’s something about the beach that makes your heart swoon. The calm rustle of the waves, the sand between your toes, the sun setting over the ocean blue, and the horizon that stretches on forever. And to think, Shakespeare never compared thee to a beach in Hawaii.

On Maui, any beach is romantic when you’re with the right person. Lucky for you, I’ve narrowed down 5 of the most starry-eyed beaches for you and your partner to choose from, whether it be Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or any heartwarming moment you two have decided to celebrate. As for that song or sonnet you plan on reciting to each other, you’re on your own.

Wailea Beach long exposure waves rushing out toward the sea in Maui, Hawaii

Wailea Beach

If you’re staying at the Grand Wailea Resort, you truly have your pick of luxury. Wailea Beach is among the most exclusive beaches on the island. Only available to hotel guests, this beach is renowned for its wide shoreline and gentle slope to ease you into the water like a plea for a slow dance. It’s also prime front-row seating for the outer-lying Kahoolawe and the nearby islet of Molokini, in case you’re looking for a literal island backdrop. Topped with your own beach chairs and cabanas, Wailea Beach is one of the best places to kick back for a luxurious romantic getaway.

Kapalua Bay

If we’re talking exclusivity, you can’t get any more exclusive than Kapalua Bay, a gorgeous white sand beach bookended by rocky anchors that offer the most delicate slice of Hawaii life. You’ll want to savor this one, too. In front of Kapalua Villas, the beach looks like a resort pool, so perfectly carved you can’t help but dip your toes in. There’s a concession hut where snorkel-gear is available to rent along with a bevy of other water sports equipment. Waves here are gentle, offering a nice incentive to check out all the schools of fish populating the coral bottom. Otherwise, the bay offers more than enough space for you and your partner to work on that envious sun tan. Kapalua is sure to make you fall in love with Maui if you haven’t already.

Hamoa Beach

The road to Hana stands at the top of most people’s to-do lists when they visit the Valley Isle – a narrow and winding 38-mile drive that takes you from towns to widespread nature in all of its untouched beauty. As Shakespeare said, the course of true love never did run smooth. The journey is well worth the destination. If you’re planning to embark on this adventurous drive, there are a great many beaches to celebrate an intimate milestone.

Hamoa Beach

It’s a tough call, but I’m declaring Hamoa Beach your best bet to create a lasting memory. The secluded, off-the-beaten-path appeal is only part of its wonder. It’s magnificent, crescent moon shape, silky smooth sands, and sparkling, pristine waters – so pristine that you can watch your every step! Hamoa Beach is as far away as you can go in your romantic Maui escape. You just might not want to come back.


West Maui’s crowning jewel. Kaanapali Beach stretches a mile long and is home to 7 resorts marked with high-end shopping and delicious local cuisine. Across the expansive shoreline, it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet of ocean excursions, from jet skiing, parasailing, canoeing, diving, and banana boating. If you’re staying at any one of these luxurious hotels, you can easily carve out a whole day on the beach.

Your choice of ocean activities, a delectable pit stop at Leilani’s On The Beach, followed by a shopping spree at Whalers Village for some well-earned retail therapy. The fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down. You absolutely must go for a stroll along Kaanapali at night. With the moon and stars lighting a path, and the dimly lit torches setting an intimate candlelight mood, Kaanapali is a stunning moonlight serenade to dance the night away.

Makena Cove (“Secret” Beach)

Weddings in Hawaii might be a cliché, but they’re no less enchanting. Makena Cove is Maui’s top locale for beach weddings, though, try to keep that to yourself. It’s supposed to be a secret. From June to August – peak wedding season – you can easily stumble upon a few ceremonies happening that instant. (I myself witnessed 3 weddings in a day!) I’m not blaming them. The cove’s delicate size and sheer intimacy, the sky painted a mix of blue and orange at sunset, soft waves glossing on shore like a calming soundtrack, while hand in hand with the person you love. I can’t think of a more romantic atmosphere than that.

Waves crashing on Makena Cove's Secret Beach in Maui

The cove’s picturesque wonder and tucked away location makes it a literal and ideal getaway to have those private nuptials. Nobody wants a beach bum lingering in the background. It’s especially dreamy for those spectacular wedding photos you’ll want to cherish on your mantle forever. Whether you’re looking for the right venue or a special place to pop the big question, I’m not hesitating. Love is in the air at Makena Cove.


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