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Cruise and Travel News April 2022

This month brings a long-awaited return to the seas around Hawaii, while hikers and outdoor enthusiasts visiting Honolulu may have to plan a bit more diligently on their next visit. More in the world of cruising, exciting - if limited - news of a brand-new Oasis Class ship from Royal Caribbean.

Pride of America once again graces the seas of Hawaii

For years I’ve been recommending Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America as the best way to explore the Hawaiian Islands for first-time visitors and for cruise enthusiasts alike.

Disruption throughout 2020 and 2021 continued even into early 2022, but now the famed ship has actually returned to sailing each Saturday.

From April 9th 2022 you can once again cruise the Hawaiian Islands on Norwegian Cruise Line's Pride of America
The exclusive itinerary is all about exploring the Hawaiian Islands, booking window now open to 2025!

From April 9th, the only ship to sail the Hawaiian Islands exclusively has returned to service and is now bookable through December of 2025!

Flexible on your date but want a great rate? We’ve a limited number of cabins still available on one of our group departures in 2023 > Learn more here.

Hiking from Honolulu? You’ll want to plan for that

Like many of the most popular island destinations, tour boards and government bodies managing these places sometimes need to make difficult decisions to help ensure they stay fit for purpose well into the future.

View over Honolulu and Waikiki from Diamond Head in Oahu, Hawaii
You'll soon need a reservation to enjoy these views over Honolulu from Diamond Head

From May 12th, Honolulu’s famed Diamond Head will join the likes of Haleakala’s sunrise experience, requiring out of state visitors to secure a reservation in advance of their visit.

Reservations will open from April 28th and will be available up to 14 days in advance of your planned arrival. Consideration should be made as to your desired method of transport on the day you plan to visit:

Renting a car and driving? You’ll be able to book two back-to-back time slots of 2 hours.

Taking a taxi or arriving on foot? You’ll be able to book an arrival time with a one hour time slot (grace period?) ie: “Arrival between 9am and 10am”.

Thailand’s Water-splashing Festival

Thailand’s New Year national holiday falls on April 13th, with a two-day celebration unlike anywhere else. It’s also known as the water splashing festival for good reason, people of all ages take to the streets to have fun in a sort of no-holds-barred water fight – bring your super soaker, water guns, pails, water balloons, you name it. Don't be surprised if those cherub cheeked local kids are looking extra sweet just to bait you in and hose you down!

Children and adults playing with water guns during Songkran in Thailand during New Year celebrations
Everyone's fair game during Songkran, bring your smile and a waterproof bag!

Obviously there’s more to the celebration than just staying cool in the tropical weather, but you’re going to have to plan a visit to make better sense of the festivities. Top tip? Bring a dry bag for your cell phone!

This year would have remained a little more difficult to enjoy as a foreigner, but visiting Thailand is getting easier with each passing month and perhaps 2023 will be your chance to experience this truly special destination.

What Symphony?

I’m hearing rumors that Royal Caribbean’s upcoming Utopia of the Seas might be their biggest splash yet. Possibly larger and more extravagant than fellow Oasis Class ship Symphony of the Seas. But it’s just rumors at this time, Royal has been quite tight lipped and only recently announced the planned debut for Spring of 2024.

Top Offer for May

In my mind there's an element of risk in planning anything last minute when it comes to meaningful travel. As we see above with Hawaii, more and more of the most anticipated activities and experiences require additional planning and the most popular items really do get booked up months in advance, especially across Europe during the summer.

Reflection of architecture on the river in Nuremberg, Germany
Imagine floating down the Danube and waking up in Nuremberg to sights like this!

But if there's a river cruise company that can do it right, it's Scenic. Featuring inclusive fares on truly luxury itineraries, river cruise itself presents a great opportunity to explore the innermost workings of Europe's iconic destinations. You enjoy one city, have a leisurely drink floating on the river to the next and by the time you wake, you're already parked in the heart of the next amazing destination. Scenic just takes it to a whole new level.

Scenic's availability is quite limited for 2022 but there are a handful of great departures with last minute spaces at incredible savings.

Do you imagine yourself sailing down the Danube this summer or sipping on something red in France? Check out this offer > HERE


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