How to register your trip with the consulate

How to register your trip with the consulate

You may yourself have a little nervousness or hesitation in executing your upcoming travel plans, especially when the news is so intensely focused on publishing outrageous, attention grabbing headlines.

The unexpected is often the best part of travel

But that's the duality of the unexpected, you never know what adventure might befall you! It helps to feel safe and to plan ahead, in addition to a robust travel protection policy, we also recommend travellers register their trip plans with the consulate prior to their departure.

Mount Sinabung, Indonesia disrupted travel twice in 2018

This is because natural disasters and political events can sometimes be unpredictable, you'll be better able to receive notice of such events and their navigation if you register.

Likewise, if the consulate doesn't know you're present, how do they know to look for you if you are in distress? At least in principle, they'll be more prepared to deliver advice and assistance if they know you're in the country in the first place!

For Canadian passport holders

For US passport holders

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