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St Pancras International Station

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In 2007, following the completion of roughly £800 million in renovations and upgrades, the station itself was upgraded from St Pancras to St Pancras International as it boasted high speed rail connectivity with London and Brussels thanks to the Eurostar.

The station itself is quite fetching and enjoys its own great history, including a more recent feature in the Harry Potter films franchise. You'll need to visit for your Eurostar trip to Paris and beyond!

Planning your trip

Connecting your cruise from Southampton, you can easily add London and Paris to your itinerary thanks to the Eurostar connection here.

Harry Potter fans will rejoice at the opportunity to visit Platform 9 3/4, located nextdoor at King's Cross Station.

When you should go

As a transport hub, you'll likely only visit as part of an ongoing journey. The station is open throughout the year and any public or dining areas operate regular business hours.

What else you might need

You may enter the general station area, including the pub & restaurant without any sort of ticket for rail service.

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