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Coconut Island

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A small but accessible island just off the shores of Hilo and in great proximity to some of the other outdoor attractions found in the cruise port town.

While swimming is a popular activity, the water here is not clear enough to enjoy any serious snorkelling. The island may be welcome respite for travel weary families with young children if enjoying a cruise vacation. There are at least two spots among the Hawaiian Islands known as "Coconut Island", so be sure to confirm which one you're talking about when planning your visit!

Planning your trip

An easy choice for a casual, independent shore excursion if you're cruising into Hilo.

When you should go

Because of the proximity to the cruise port and the general pleasant atmosphere of the park, the little island can get a little busy during some afternoons and, more frequently, weekends.

What else you might need

There is complimentary parking available nearby, but you should be able to simply walk onto the island with unfettered access along the footbridge which joins the island site to the neighboring parks.

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