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The largest habitation on Santorini, it's sometimes also referred to as Thira or Thera, if things weren't confusing enough! The new port and funicular cable car are located here, which perhaps makes more sense as it is more centrally located on the island and the villages of Fira and Oia are quite popular tourist destinations. This is a fantastic place to stop for a drink or a bite to eat, but maybe spread your search out to the extreme north or south of the village unless you enjoy the aroma of donkey accompanying your meal.

For many visitors you'll have to at least transit Fira as a matter of practicality, it's home to the new cruise port and is a central hub for most of the island's transportation. If you're looking for beautiful vistas, a great variety of cliffside luxury villas, and a dash of dining & nightlife then Fira might be the place for you.

Planning your trip

There is now a very comfortable cable car to bring you up and down the cliff edge when visiting Santorini as part of your cruise itinerary. It should cost you about $7 for a roundtrip ticket, be mindful of the timings when returning to your ship as there may be a line and the cars may be stopped for 20-30 minutes during slower periods.

When you should go

Some people only visit Thera as part of their arrival onto or departure from Santorini, meaning it isn't as busy as nearby Oia while offering a similar collection of views.

What else you might need

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