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Ho Chi Minh

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Officially "Ho Chi Minh" or "Ho Chi Minh City", you'd be forgiven for calling it "Saigon", many of the locals still do. Renamed in honor of the leader who unified the nation at the end of the conflict, former-Saigon is a sprawling city seemingly overrun by bikes - although fewer in number today.

Ho Chi Minh is the entry point for so many visitors to Vietnam, in part because of its great flight connectivity. Really, there's an awful lot of history and culture to explore. As a destination, it attracts plenty of American visitors coming to better understand the significance and military history of the region, while anyone who's ever tried a bowl of pho can attest to just how tasty the cuisine can be; there are plenty of options around town for dining!

Planning your trip

Your interests may determine which tour options are the best for you during your visit. While there are plenty of culinary treats to enjoy and a handful of temples, consider an architectural tour or an activity which includes the complex military history of the region.

When you should go

December through March tend to be the driest months of the year and may offer the best chance at some great weather during your visit.

What else you might need

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