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Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

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The most popular of Bangkok's floating markets for visitors to enjoy, it's also one of the furthest from the city's center and may require the most planning to enjoy your visit. It'll be worth the extra effort.

The market is an interesting aspect of daily life for many Bangkok locals and a style of shopping relatively unique to Southeast Asia. You'll enjoy the market if you're after new dining experiences and a wholly new perspective of Thailand's capital.

Planning your trip

The market is accessible by land and there are portions built on solid ground, however the boating experience is probably the most fun. Be sure to arrange this in advance and with a trusted guide to avoid unnecessary stresses.

When you should go

This is a weekend activity, 8am through 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays only. You'll want to arrive as close to the opening time as possible to make the most of the experience and before it gets too busy.

What else you might need

There isn't an admission or entry to be paid, strictly speaking. However access to a boat might prove to be a sort of barrier in some respects. Plan this in advance for the best results.

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