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Markets of Mykonos Town

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Unbelievably colorful, the streets are brimming with clean whites juxtapose shades of brilliant blue, with the occasional red door or green of a tree. This space is, to us, one of the most remarkable in the Cyclades and a great opportunity to window shop, browse boutiques and galleries, or try out some local cuisine.

Secretly, the market areas of town here may feature higher on our "list" of local favorite destinations than the villages of Oia or Thera on Santorini. It gets busy, but there seems to be more space and fewer "influencers" queuing up for "the perfect selfie". Enjoy!

Planning your trip

Cruising to Mykonos? The art and wares is certainly an enjoyable part of the shopping experience. Just be sure to double check your cruise restrictions if you're planning on bringing any sort of food or drink back on board.

Colorful alleys and bustling shops, you're invited to do your best to fill your memory card with photos - but remember that some of the most beautiful dwellings are just that, someone's home!

When you should go

Start your day here or wrap up after exploring the beaches, the markets are open and accessible throughout the day. As the afternoon draws on, expect more of the shops to close up for the day while the tavernas and cafes welcome guests for an evening meal or after dinner drink.

What else you might need

You will certainly want to bring your wallet, there's a lot of interesting local shopping to enjoy, but there is no fee for entry to the markets.

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