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Nassau Cruise Port

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Nassau's main cruise terminal and port of call at the north side of the city, just west of the bridge joining the city to Paradise Island. A few of the local historic landmarks can be visited on foot, but you may get more out of your trip with a local driver or guide, especially if you'd like to get further than Junkanoo Beach when it comes time to dip your toes in the water! Top spots nearby include the Queen's Staircase and some of the market areas just outside the port.

Those vessels docked at the port will be easily accessed on foot with the appropriate documentation. The security gate can be busy when two or more ships disembark simultaneously but there is plenty of transportation available outside the building, allowing guests to quickly disperse and explore the island.

Planning your trip

Nassau regularly features among cruise itineraries of the Caribbean and The Bahamas. If you've not been to The Bahamas before, consider a sailing which includes both Nassau and a day at a private island.

Despite the many options for outbound transportation when you arrive into Nassau, returning to the port can prove a stressful hassle if you've not arranged your journey in advance. Consider a walking tour of the town near the port area to start your day and before the heat builds, then commission a car or even a car and guide to take you to the beach or further afield.

When you should go

Most cruise itineraries calling to port in Nassau arrive in the early hours of the day. If you've not been partying too hard, you might plan to be up and off the ship early in order to make the most of your day here.

What else you might need

The cruise port areas are exclusive for cruise passengers calling to port in Nassau.

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