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Nassau is the largest city and capital of The Bahamas. Popular beaches, lively atmosphere, and a variety of shops and sites to visit, there's plenty of history here in Nassau. Access a great deal of the historic landmarks around the port on foot or, ideally, with a local driver or guide.

Outside of cruise passengers, Nassau is very popular with vacation-seekers looking for a select few upscale resort properties and upscale boutiques within a 3-hour flight from many cities of the Eastern Seaboard.

Planning your trip

Visitors may enjoy starting their day out with the sights in the city center, such as the market areas, the Queen's Staircase, or West Hill Street, but plan to get away to the beach in the afternoon. Junkanoo is the most popular option near the cruise terminal, but can sometimes be busy. Cable Beach is our choice for relaxation, but a day pass to Paradise Island may be just the thing you need for a bit of exclusivity.

When you should go

Nassau and The Bahamas in general are popular throughout the year. Visitor numbers see a definite increase from about mid-December through March. Families tend to also enjoy their time here during school summer holidays. Low season follows in September and October.

What else you might need

For American passport holders visiting The Bahamas, you may find that your journey starts in Nassau or that Nassau features on your itinerary. If you're cruising from Florida or another point of embarkation, you'll likely find that your entry has been verified in advance. Others arriving by plane will have passed through customs on arrival into The Bahamas.

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