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Severus Road

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Presumably bearing the namesake of a Roman Emperor, Lucius Septimus Severus, who reigned over the Roman Empire from 193 to 211. It's a quiet side street off one of the more chaotic arteries of London's Clapham Junction area.

This is a landmark for only the truest, die hard fans of Harry Potter. It's said that JK Rowling passed the street on her daily commute, only a few years after the success of the films did she realize the name of beloved (or loathed) character Professor Severus Snape was likely a result of this subtle influence.

Planning your trip

As mentioned above, this landmark is really only for the biggest Harry Potter fans - those who just loved the late Alan Rickman or who wouldn't mind being picked for Slytherin House! There isn't a great deal more to see or do outside of a few pubs, great transport links out of London, or an event space at the neighboring Clapham Grand theater.

When you should go

Unless you're headed to an event in Clapham Junction, you can choose the time which best suits your larger itinerary in London.

This landmark is outdoors and there is no activity or facility associated with the spot, meaning you're at the will of the weather on the day you choose to visit.

What else you might need

This landmark is simply a public space in a residential neighborhood. You won't need any sort of admission, you might need transportation such as a black cab, a car and driver, or a train ticket to and from London Victoria train station.

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