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St Paul's Cathedral

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Throughout the last 1,400 years St Paul's has watched over the London at the highest elevation in the central city region. Although today it's a little harder to appreciate this aspect while far taller buildings across the river and to the east stretch many storeys higher to the sky.

The church remains an active place of worship, but it does welcome visitors and you won't be disappointed. Regal and ornate, the building's exterior is truly exceeded by its interior, though both are quite grand.

Planning your trip

The Dome is obviously a highlight but you need to really plan this well with new ticketing rules and the extremely limited open hours of this segment of the building.

When you should go

You're able to visit Mondays through Saturdays, from about noon to 4:30pm with last entry at 4. Advanced tickets are recommended, the Dome is only open on Saturdays and select school holidays.

What else you might need

In 2021 the church reintroduced paid entry for visitors. You should book in advance to avoid disappointment and to enjoy a preferred rate, the ticket includes Cathedral Floor, Crypt, and Dome (when open). Expect around £17 for adults, £15 for students and those aged 60 or older, £8 for children 6-17, with family and group rates available. Add £3 per person for walk-up rates.

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