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Warner Bros. Studio Tour

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Visiting London with a Harry Potter fan in the group? There's a good chance the Warner Bros. Studio Tour or The Making of Harry Potter has come up in conversation at some point during your planning! Wildly popular with families, it is pretty much impossible to visit without securing a ticket and time slot in advance.

Anyone with even a little interest in the world of Harry Potter will enjoy the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. Our own clientele have shared great feedback as to how much they've enjoyed their visit.

Planning your trip

Expect up to 5 or 6 hours of time to explore the replicas and set designs you've come to know and love from the film world. Our own client experience has been outrageously positive. The staff are friendly and typically able to address special needs requests.

When you should go

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour is open throughout the year. The popularity and success of the Harry Potter franchise means you should plan your visit as soon as you know you want to visit London. Your options for "when" might be limited to "when is there an available tour slot?"

What else you might need

This is definitely an activity which requires advanced planning. You can't just turn up and pay for entry, the site sells out a few months in advance. There might be two options adding the tour to your itinerary. Either as part of a larger arranged day trip which includes transportation from Central London and other main meet-up points, or skip the added cost of convenient transportation and opt to get yourself to the Studio site via train to Watford Junction (departs London Euston). Note that there is a shuttle for visitors with valid tickets in order to complete the last miles of the journey which features a small cash-only per-person fee of about £3.

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