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ZSL London Zoo

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Home to the Zoological Society of London, it's the oldest scientific zoo on the planet. It opened to the public in 1847, at the time having been in operation for nearly 20 years in housing the Tower of London's menagerie and other more scientifically inspired exploits.

A visit to the ZSL can feel as though you've found your own hidden gem as the property is located entirely within Regent's Park, another Central London attraction worthy of its own visit. Families and wildlife enthusiasts will most certainly enjoy a visit, Harry Potter fans will love the reptile house.

Planning your trip

Make a day of the whole experience and enjoy a stroll through Regent's Park and onto the ZSL, then head to Primrose Hill for the sunset view over London's skyline.

When you should go

The zoo is open throughout the year and tends to attract a fair volume of guests in all seasons, owing to its Central London location and renown as a world class attraction. Gates typically open at 10AM and last admission an hour before close. The zoo closes at 6PM through the summer, 5PM through spring and fall, and 4PM in winter.

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